File picture: Damir Sagolj/Reuters
JOHANNESBURG - One has to be very careful before a system uses regulations to tie down an innovative business idea like Uber.

Already Uber has revolutionised the transport industry and it has already created thousands upon thousands of jobs both here in South Africa and abroad. The system has allowed people with drivers licences and sober habits to at least access the ways and means of earning an income.

Many individuals have been able to elevate themselves into small businesses when they are able to purchase their own vehicle and have themselves registered with the Uber app.

This revolutionary application has generated an ability for many to earn their own income and to become entrepreneurs. It is notorious both in South Africa and many jurisdictions that regulations hamper small business development and even destroy the ability to derive an income.

Unlike many of the European jurisdictions we have unemployment rates far surpassing almost any country in the world. We need to look at our regulatory environment more carefully before we jump in and destroy innovative business ideas.

Michael Bagraim is a member of Parliament and a spokesperson for the Department of Labour

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