Sechaba ka'Nkosi
Sechaba ka'Nkosi

Business Report mourns the loss of its deputy editor, Sechaba ka’Nkosi

By Adri Senekal de Wet Time of article published Jul 14, 2021

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IT IS with great sadness that I announce the passing of one of our own, Sechaba ka’Nkosi. He was the deputy editor of Business Report and a pillar of strength to our team.

Dear Sechaba

You have been gone for a moment and already we miss you. Struck down in your prime by a hammer blow to your heart, the shoes you have left behind will be difficult to fill, such was the vitality of your presence.

At work, where I have been blessed to know you for six years, you were always our “go to” person, taking care of your BR family, guiding us on the way forward, and never being afraid to roll up your sleeves and get stuck in when the matter warranted – and many times when it wasn’t. You saw the best in us, your fellow man, and in South Africa, although you never hesitated to take on a breaking story or two and deal with the darker side of humanity.

It is somehow fitting that at a time of great darkness in South Africa, that your light now shines above us like our very own beacon of hope to steer us through the current storm and others that might follow.

We will remember your professional integrity, dedication to the craft of great journalism, as well as your in-depth analysis of the economy, and your passion for leading and guiding the youth. You created stars. Under your wing, many young reporters became stars, some became editors; you allowed them to fly high. We will look at the sky every night and find the brightest one.

While this may be your final chapter, we will keep your story alive in our hearts and memories.

Farewell friend and colleague. Rest in peace.

Adri Senekal de Wet

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