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JOHANNESBURG - We are all searching for ways in which to cut expenses. 

Petrol is a big expense in most households. One option in which you can save is to buy a more fuel-efficient vehicle but that’s not an option for everyone.
So what if we, your trusted insurance advisors, tell you that we have 17 tips on how you can save fuel when you’re driving?

Vehicle examine

1.Ensure that your vehicle is serviced regularly.

2.Ensure that your tyre pressure is correct.

3.Don’t carry unnecessary weight in your vehicle.

4.Remove your roof rack from your vehicle, if you’re not using it.  

Filling up

5.Fill up your vehicle when your tank is halfway empty.

6.Fill up your vehicle’s tank in the morning.


7.Don’t rev your vehicle unnecessarily.

8.Stop driving aggressively.

9.Stop driving in the lower gears.

10.Don’t break too hard or too suddenly.

11. Do not speed.

12.Maintain a steady speed while driving, use cruise control if you can.

13.When driving slower than 75km/h, open your windows. If you’re driving faster than 75km/h, drive with the air con on.


14.Plan your route ahead of time to avoid unnecessary stops and trips or getting lost.

15. Try to run as many errands in one trip as possible.

16. Try to avoid traffic jams as much as possible.

17.Consider carpooling.

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