Craig Johnston, the Marketing Manager to Bluekey Seidor. Photo: Supplied
DURBAN - To keep up and stay competitive in this fast paced business world that is demanding, you need to ensure that you do things on time.

This is according to Craig Johnston, the Marketing Manager to Bluekey Seidor. He added that in order to keep up you also need to give your customers what they need when they need it and use your time in an effective way to guarantee the sustainability of your business.

The owners of SME's (small and medium enterprises) will accept the of having a accounting system is good but in order to effectively run a business other things besides accounting packages are needeOd.

Modern technology makes it possible to collect, store, integrate and analyse data for better productivity and profit.

According to Johnston automating and integrating business operations with the proper business management software can decrease the time spent on manual capturing and smoothly merge information across all platforms. This will drastically increase customer service employee efficiency.

With the proper business management system, a retail business can have good stock control, decrease the time spent on the counting of stock and have alarms arranged to order new stock before the store runs out.

For manufacturers or production facilities knowing the yield of each workstation can aid in quickly addressing the setbacks or suitably assign resources to handle the rising demand in specific departments.

Having worked with SME's from the different fields we have been lucky to see the substantial difference real-time insights and have had on the day-to-day running an planning of businesses.

According to Johnston one of the best proofs of this came from one their clients who described the advantages they had witnessed for their business as better control. which leads to improved productivity and a rise in sales.

The key to success is finding the right answers that are applicable to your business and having service providers that understand and can aid your business apply it properly.

Craig Johnston is the marketing manager at Bluekey Seidor

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