Adri Senekal de wet the Executive Editor at Independent Media Business Report.
CAPE TOWN - It has been said, that every journey beings with a single step or a revolution of a car’s tire. Talking of revolutions, only a person in a coma would be unaware that we have entered a period of profound change. It is very likely that by the end of this month, if not by the end of this week, our country will have new leader.

Whatever happens, it will not be business as usual.

But Business Report (BR) will accompany you every step of the way of this journey.

After all, business unusual is, business as usual for BR.

We will record all the momentous developments on your unblinking dashboard.

There is likely to be a substantial change in the business and political heavy hitters of our country.

The dashboard will capture it all, the drama the tears, the hell I’m sorry’s. We will miss nothing in our untiring efforts to keep our readers informed.

What is to come is not about individuals although it will profoundly affect individuals. Collectively we are far more than the sum of our parts. There are no big shots in this terrain.

We have a very narrow opportunity in which to act.

We are the people. We will win.