Members of Numsa protest as they march through the streets of Durban.PICTURE: REUTERS

CAPE TOWN - The rising unemployment numbers have again sparked emotions ranging from anger to zealous despair.

One of the big issues is to quote how many cannot find a job despite the fact that they have a qualification.  

Others in the unemployed category have incomplete qualifications and they are commonly referred to as “Near-Graduates”.

Qualifications are not a guarantee to employment.  

There is an oversupply of qualified persons who all compete for the same small number of job openings.  In a market with an oversupply of things, it follows that buyers can pick and choose what they want.  

The reality of the job market is that HR departments have the luxury to cherry pick from the top 20th percentile of candidates and use strong buyer power to select those that they need.

Persons who were exposed to post-school education, whether they achieved a qualification or not, should have gained some knowledge that they could apply in a workeracy.  The days of finding a job are over.  The days in which persons have to create their own work, is a reality.

Workeracy is the keystone towards entrepreneurship.  It is understandable that people are hesitant to take a step towards workeracy.  

There are many risks and issues to consider.  Growth Institute’s Project Phahamisa is specifically designed to inculcate a spirit of workeracy amongst those unemployed persons who have qualifications or who are near-graduates.

Project Phahamisa™ embraces multipreneurship, innopreneurship and entrepreneurship.

The project provides low cost business support services to young graduates and near-graduates to start a journey where they can have supplier power and where they can contribute to economic growth.

Growth Institute is a private education provider offering a range of Commercial, Technical Tourism and Hospitality Management programs.

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