File picture: Ronen Zvulun
We have been hearing more about Africa’s issues in the media rather than its vast potential. But the continent in general is silently moving ahead with real transformation.

Africa is accelerating at a pace that will continue to shake us up, inviting us to ask ourselves some far-reaching questions.

This growing development is being driven by new technology and the digital world.

As Africa’s profile as an investment opportunity for business has continued to grow over the past 10 years, the business landscape has changed significantly, presenting new opportunities and some unique challenges.

Competition in the more mature markets in Africa - such as South Africa, Nigeria, and Kenya - is becoming more intense, especially for IT and telecommunication companies.

To remain competitive and profitable, telcos are realising there is a need to move beyond traditional connectivity offerings and provide IT services such as unified communications and collaboration, cloud, and data centre services - and this is changing the way businesses in Africa approach their IT strategies.

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We are seeing that African businesses, and those multinationals moving into the region, are increasingly open to the opportunities that digital transformation presents for their businesses. Many are re-evaluating their business models to deploy agile systems for efficiency.