Russian women on trains will get their 40 winks

Published Nov 16, 2006


Russian women, tired of loud snoring and unwanted advances on overnight trains, would be provided with women-only sleeping compartments, the official Rossiiskaya Gazeta daily said yesterday.

Russian railways were to introduce the women-only compartments in two carriages on eight up-market train services connecting regional centres in western Russia from January 15, said the Rossiiskaya Gazeta.

Russian women often complain of discomfort on overnight journeys in sleeper compartments, which are shared between four people in second class and between two people in first class.

Men intent on the male bonding, usually involving prolonged drinking, characteristic of long train journeys, would have the choice of travelling in men-only compartments, the report said.

The compartments would be an option in first and second class carriages, while third class, known as “platskart” in Russian, would remain, according to the report - AFP

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