Get the best and affordable vinyl cutting tools for your signage business in South Africa

Advanced Machinery is one of the leading suppliers in the local for topline products and machinery vinyl cutters.

Advanced Machinery is one of the leading suppliers in the local for topline products and machinery vinyl cutters.

Published Jan 28, 2022


Advanced Machinery (Pty) Ltd (AM) is a product and machinery supplier that provides topline vinyl cutters making them one of the leading suppliers in the local market. Founded in 2013, AM has become South Africa’s most trusted cnc cutting and large format printing solutions. They offer a wide range of vinyl cutters with the best quality, efficiency and durability retailing about 100 units per month.

One of their best selling machinery includes the V-Series vinyl cutter that ranges at an affordable price. The V-Series vinyl cutter provides application in different markets and sectors.

Commonly used in fashion, advertising for banner making and business branding. The vinyl cutters are available in two different sizes, one being 800mm wide – the 800mm wide devices are capable of handling the popular 600mm vinyl rolls (24 inch vinyl), and the 1360mm wide models handle the larger 1 200mm vinyl rolls (48 inch vinyl). With their exquisite services, Advanced Machinery supplies their vinyl cutters with stands meaning that they do not require a desktop to work on.

Take a look at what their clients have to say:

In addition, the majority of the V-Series cutters range feature a cutting pressure of 500g, however, this plus version of cutter features an increased pressure of 1kg allowing thicker vinyl to be used with a consistently high level of cutting accuracy. To upgrade your business offerings, buying V- Series vinyl cutters will be a deal you will not regret.

The V- Series cutters have a Vinyl Cutter Printer Driver controlled via a standardised drawing application such as CorelDRAW, AutoCAD, Adobe Illustrator and more, saving you from additional software. As a business, to optimise your full potential, Advanced Machinery offers a free life-time remote assistance along with free training at the Advanced Machinery facilities in Cape Town and Johannesburg.

For more information on which vinyl cutter to buy and Advanced Machinery services, visit their website at or send a WhatsApp message to 060 600 6000.

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