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Friday, May 27, 2022

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How you can improve South Africa's economic growth with Damelin Correspondence College

Damelin Correspondence College Faculty of Commerce offers courses from Finance and Accounting to Bookkeeping and Credit Management.Pic: Supplied

Damelin Correspondence College Faculty of Commerce offers courses from Finance and Accounting to Bookkeeping and Credit Management.Pic: Supplied

Published May 15, 2020


Economic predictions show that the negative effects of the Coronavirus on both local and global economies will take years to balance the scales. The country's current recession is likely to continue, further dividing South Africans on the basis of economic means.

However, amidst all the setbacks and negative impacts this global pandemic has undoubtedly had on the livelihood of numerous households, South Africa has an economic advantage in various niche sectors, such as; mining, agriculture, tourism, manufacturing and service exports. These sectors have previously taken precedence on a governmental level and therefore have continued to flourish over the years. However, more needs to be done to ensure upcoming sectors are prioritised and given the same attention.

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A growing industry

One of the most prominent upcoming sectors that will aid economic improvement, is finance. It is widely recognised as the driving force behind a successful economy. Since the Covid-19 outbreak and countries instituting lockdowns on economies, there is an urgent and constant need in the corporate world for qualified accountants, financial advisors, bookkeepers and more.

These professions offer insight into the financial status of major companies, hold the responsibility of protecting crucial assets and ultimately contributing to the health of economies. Damelin Correspondence College understands the needs of the market for sharp minded individuals.

Its programme offerings under the Faculty of Commerce ranges from Finance and Accounting, to Bookkeeping and Credit Management. Content material is industry-relevant, and you will be equipped with the latest knowledge to prosper in this competitive field.

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Career opportunities

Times might be hard but securing your future doesn’t have to be. Whether you are looking to gain skills that will land you a financially rewarding career or would like to secure a promotion and impact your workplace, Damelin Correspondence’s accredited home-study qualifications will help you achieve this. With finance being an industry that attracts business leaders and top executives, your network will expand accordingly.

Expect growth through the influence financial markets have on political, social and economic issues on a worldwide basis. Through your continued studies in finance, you will be able to join specialised fields of corporate finance and investment. Career fields can include high level positions in consulting firms and asset management companies. With DCC’s in-depth programme material, accessible online via the Student Portal, you will learn the ins and outs of this dynamic industry and become indispensable to companies.

The 3 main categories of finance

When you enter the financial industry, you will have the option of joining the public, corporate or private sectors. As businesses realise the value of managing their assets, there will always be work for financial planners, analysts, bookkeepers, credit managers and accountants. This ensures job security. Excelling in this field can lead to a fruitful future in whichever sector you choose to pursue.

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Due to the many positions available in finance, there is flexibility to move to specific roles you feel most comfortable with in your career. The option to relocate is always available with a career in finance, as your role isn’t always location specific. The opportunities to work abroad in finance are also countless.

Registration at DCC is still open. Embrace your potential, redefine your future and prepare for a lifetime of success. For a full listing of qualifications, information regarding the registration process and entrance requirements visit, call 0860 61 61 61 or email [email protected].

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