Nedbank Top Empowerment Conference 2023: Driving economic empowerment for Africa's future

This event is an essential platform for collaborative discussions, idea sharing, and actionable insights.

This event is an essential platform for collaborative discussions, idea sharing, and actionable insights.

Published Jul 7, 2023


In an era marked by shifting dynamics in business, policy, and empowerment, the upcoming 2023 Nedbank Top Empowerment Conference, organised by Topco Media, is poised to play a vital role in driving economic transformation in South Africa and across the continent.

As business leaders, consultants, and policy makers converge at the prestigious Maslow Hotel in Sandton, South Africa, on the 19-20 July 2023, for the premier conference for B-BBEE experts and specialists, they will tackle the theme of "Advancing Africa's Potential Through Purpose-Led Transformation."

This highly anticipated event, made possible by the support of the headline partner Nedbank, gold partner PepsiCo, host city partner Gauteng Tourism Authority, and numerous other partners, promises to be an essential platform for collaborative discussions, idea sharing, and actionable insights.

Shaping the future of economic empowerment:

The Nedbank Top Empowerment Conference serves as a critical meeting point for thought leaders, influential business figures, and policymakers to shape the future of economic empowerment in South Africa and beyond.

With a focus on purpose-led transformation, the conference aims to explore strategies that drive sustainable growth, foster inclusivity, and empower individuals from marginalised communities. By bringing together diverse perspectives, the event aims to catalyse the development of innovative solutions that can address the pressing challenges faced by businesses and communities.

Unparalleled networking and collaboration:

One of the significant advantages of the Nedbank Top Empowerment Conference is the opportunity it presents for networking and collaboration. Business leaders, consultants, and policymakers attending the event will have the chance to connect with like-minded professionals from various industries, fostering partnerships and relationships that can drive real change.

The conference offers a unique space where ideas can be exchanged, best practices shared, and potential collaborations explored, leading to the creation of synergistic initiatives that support economic empowerment efforts.

Knowledge sharing and insights from experts:

The conference boasts an impressive lineup of experts, thought leaders, and successful entrepreneurs who will share their insights and experiences during keynote speeches, panel discussions, and interactive sessions.

Attendees will have the chance to learn from these industry luminaries, gaining valuable knowledge, and best practices. The shared insights will equip business leaders, consultants, and policy makers with the tools they need to navigate the complex landscape of economic empowerment, ultimately fostering more effective strategies and policies.

Driving empowerment through purpose-led transformation:

The theme of purpose-led transformation underscores the conference's focus on driving sustainable and meaningful change. Attendees will explore how purpose-driven business practices can lead to greater economic empowerment, not only benefiting organisations but also uplifting communities.

Discussions will encompass areas such as corporate social responsibility, diversity and inclusion, and the alignment of business objectives with societal needs.

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