The whole of African can trade on the BTC/USD exchange with each other at ZERO fees.
Pic: Supplied
The whole of African can trade on the BTC/USD exchange with each other at ZERO fees. Pic: Supplied

SAFCOIN launches zero-fee Bitcoin trading exchange

By Partnered Content Time of article published Mar 19, 2020

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SAFCOIN , an exclusive African crypto and exchange, has launched a zero-fee Bitcoin trading pair on their exchange. Bitcoin traders in South Africa and Africa can now trade on SAFCOIN’s ZAR and USD exchanges without incurring transaction fees.

As one of the first cryptocurrency exchanges to offer this service, SAFCOIN aims to make cryptocurrency trading easy and accessible for more people in Africa. Its clean and simple graphic user interface offers a hassle-fee, easy-to-navigate experience when buying Bitcoin or SAFCOIN.

“The cryptocurrency market has been on a positive trajectory globally,” says Neil Ferreira, CEO of SAFCOIN. “It’s exciting to see the increased adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrencies in Africa. We’re proud to be able to support this growth with current and future projects that we’re developing on the SAFCOIN blockchain.’

SAFCOIN’s mission is to simplify the cross-border payment processes between African countries, by eliminating red tape and bulky transaction processes. In making SAFCOIN an Africa-wide accepted form of payment that boosts trade between countries, SAFCOIN aims to open up the digital currency market through the widespread use of mobile money accounts.

The whole of African can trade on the BTC/USD exchange with each other at ZERO fees with Fiat deposits done through Credit Card, Bank EFT’s and Mobile Money. The launch of this exchange not only aids to awareness in Africa but increase the crypto network in emerging markets.

Register a free wallet account on and start trading Bitcoin on the easy to use graphic exchange.

Last week SAFCOIN launched Africa’s first blockchain-powered freelance jobs marketplace, connecting gig workers and businesses across Africa, for free.

MobiJobs.Africa lets start-ups and small to medium-sized businesses list jobs, search freelancer profiles, and establish an online presence without set-up, hosting, or development costs. It also lets freelancers market their skills, build their experience, and “buy” listed jobs, even if they don’t have a bank account. There are no joining, account, or transaction fees, and jobs are paid for in cryptocurrency.

Youth empowerment

In the fourth quarter of 2019, over 40% of South Africa’s youth, aged between 15 and 34, were unemployed, and 13.4 million youth in Africa do not have jobs.

Now, technology is enabling the growth of the freelance, or “gig” economy, with more people taking on short-term, flexible tasks to make money. In South Africa, 3.9 million people were in temporary employment in 2018, up from 2.6 million in 2017. In Africa, nearly 86% of employment is informal.

MobiJobs aims to empower more Africans to access global work opportunities, grow their experience, and sell their skills and talent online. All they need is a mobile phone or laptop and connectivity.

Digitally and financially empowered

Jobseekers in Africa have, until now, been restricted from participating in digital shared labour platforms like MobiJobs because they had little or no access to bank accounts. In fact, around 1.7 billion, or 62% of sub-Saharan Africans, are unbanked .

Those that do have bank accounts pay high transaction, pay-out, and commission fees, which eats into their freelance earnings.

MobiJobs uses blockchain technology to eliminate banking fees. Powered by SAFCOIN cryptocurrency, it facilitates an easy, secure payment process between individuals and businesses through the SAFPay gateway. Payment is secured before the service provider begins the job, and is released once the job is marked as completed.

Through the MobiJobs Workdesk, freelancers can manage their jobs, advertise their skills, communicate with clients, and rate their experience.

Neil Ferreira, CEO of SAFCOIN, says: “Our goal with MobiJobs is to help individuals in Africa to take their skills and talents global, and to empower small businesses to tap into a global skills pool, as and when they need to. Through the platform, users can gain experience, build their internship hours while studying, ask for testimonials from businesses they’ve completed tasks for, and build relationships with companies across Africa. All this via a free cryptocurrency payment gateway that ensures they get paid quickly and securely, with zero transaction charges.”

Taking Africa into the Fourth Industrial Revolution

The Fourth Industrial Revolution has resulted in thousands of job losses as technology increasingly takes on roles traditionally performed by humans. But the benefit is that the same technology that drives this revolution can also empower individuals to access a global jobs marketplace and opportunities in less-penetrated e-commerce markets.

MasterCard predicts that African e-commerce may generate over $500 billion a year by 2030, equivalent to nearly 10% of GDP, and the World Economic Forum says e-commerce will generate three million new jobs in Africa by 2025.

“Combining cryptocurrency and the blockchain with e-commerce is a huge breakthrough for the industry. Adoption of cryptocurrency across Africa is increasing steadily and usage is arguably the highest among emerging markets,” says Ferreira.

“Africa is evolving into the Fourth Industrial Revolution and we’re proud to be at the forefront, creating awareness, educating people, and connecting the youth and businesses through blockchain and cryptocurrency-powered platforms like SAFCOIN and MobiJobs.”

Click here to find out more about MobiJobs, and here to find out more about SAFCOIN.

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