File image: South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC). IOL.

CAPE TOWN - The "SABC 8' has left the Presidency concerned after they objected to a recent stakeholder meeting that took place between the Acting Head of News at the SABC and the Presidency.

This comes after a stakeholder meeting was held, at the request of the SABC team. 

The Spokesperson of the President, Dr Bongani Ngqulunga, met with the Acting Group Executive News, Kenneth Makatees and National TV News Editor and then Acting Head of TV News,  Nyana Molete were in attendance at the meeting. 

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This kind of engagement is believed to occur routinely between journalists and communications professionals in the private sector. 

The 'SABC 8' said in their statement that the routine operational meeting between the Presidency and SABC was "injudicious" and that the SABC Acting Head should "exercise more circumspection in the future and protect the newsroom from perceptions of bias". 

The group further called on Makatees to make the minutes of the meeting public.

The 'SABC 8's' standpoint implies that they oppose the Presidency's communication with the SABC journalists, says the Presidency. 

The Presidency declared that they will continue to engage with all journalists from all media houses, including SABC journalists. 

They further welcomed the 'SABC 8' to contact them or government at any time. 


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