File image: Executive Mayor of Tshwane, Solly Msimanga. IOL.

GAUTENG - Executive Mayor of Tshwane yesterday announced that he will offer a R10 000 reward to anyone who can provide information and the successful conviction of the perpetrators of cable theft. 

This comes after cable theft has grew exponentially in the city and consequently left the city without services on numerous occasions. 

This has in fact occurred yesterday, during the early hours in the Ga-Rankuwa community. 

Residents are experiencing a power outage as a result of the theft of control plant cables and batteries at the substation. 

Notably, Tshwane city has confirmed that they and Eskom are tending to the matter. 

"There is a market for the stolen commodity", said Executive Mayor of Tshwane, Solly Msimanga. 

“We cannot, therefore, target only those that steal cables but we have to know where the material ends up. Buyers have a responsibility to ensure that the material they are buying is not stolen property by insisting on the relevant documentation to see where the cable comes from. Often, we find that the buyers are in cahoots with the thieves as they buy from them at prices below the market price. Buyers purchasing this stolen property will not be spared and will too be subject to the law". 

“Cable theft threatens the provision of reliable and sustainable provision of services to our people as evidenced in many of our communities across the city", said Msimanga.

Msimanga pleads to the community to not only reveal the cable thieves, but also the buyers of the material. 

Apart from the reward, the City has taken further precautionary steps to reduce the pervasive crime. 

The city has established an anti-cable theft unit to have proactive and reactive interventions at electrical substations, cable trenches and main feeders.

The unit also has targeted operations at second hand dealers in order to curb the sale of stolen nonferrous metals.

This crime is deeply condemned by the city as it causes service interruptions and cost the city a minimum of R5 million a month.
Notably, the Tshwane Metropolitan Police Department has made significant strides in the recent past, to curb cable theft and will continue to work diligently to bring an end to this criminality. 

Members of the community are urged to be active agents and report cases of crime in their areas.

Information on the Tshwane cable theft syndicate can be reported to: 012 358 4903. 

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