Mango and SAA will offer more domestic flights in South Africa
Photo: File
Mango and SAA will offer more domestic flights in South Africa Photo: File
Mango and SAA will offer more domestic flights in South Africa
Photo: File
Mango and SAA will offer more domestic flights in South Africa Photo: File
DURBAN - South African Airways (SAA) and Mando have revealed plans to rationalise their route network for better efficiencies and optimum aircraft usage through an improved brand schedule.

This will see extra Mango operated flights for the domestic market.

The rationalisation programme comes after a previous statement in September where Mango disclosed changes in the network as a part of the progressive implementation of its turnaround strategy.

These initiatives are a part of the five-year turnaround plan to restore the company to commercial sustainability in the shortest time possible.

SAA and Mango at the moment offer 200 return flights per week between Johannesburg and 278 flights between Johannesburg and Cape Town per week.

To improve efficiencies and supply a more diverse offering to customers whilst answering the demand, the two airline brands will ensure smooth implementation of the improved schedule that will start on 15th January 2018.

Once it is completely implemented Mango will operate 132 return flights on the Johannesburg to Durban route and 116 return flights from Johannesburg to Cape Town per week.

SAA will operate 68 return flights from Johannesburg to Durban and 162 return flights between Johannesburg and Cape Town.

The SAA group will continue to provide customers with the choice to travel on the product of their choice making it much easier for them to decide on their preferred service and schedule.

The CEO of SAA, Vuyani Jarana said "We have reviewed our offerings informed by performance, demand and market conditions. We are satisfied that the changes we introduce will be of mutual benefit to our customers and to the SAA Group. A commercially strong SAA Group offers customers improved efficiencies and schedule integrity".

According to the Acting CEO of Mango these changes are a Group attempt and show our commitment to strengthen the Group commercially.

These changes will be displayed in all the Mango and SAA distribution systems with effect from 12 December 2017.

As a smooth booking change is expected, help will only be given to all ticketed passengers in possession of a South African Airways's ticket only by way of SAA call centre, City Travel Office or dedicated travel agent with these conditions.

The conditions for rebooking are:

1. Rebook onto another SAA (SA) for a later date at no additional cost and subject to an opening of the same booking class.
2. Change of cabin will not be allowed.
3. This policy only applies to SAA flights issued on SA (083) ticket stock on or before 12 December and not on separate tickets of different airlines.
4. Tickets must be reissued on or before 31 December 2017.

Mango flights will operate on Boeing 737-800 and SAA will stop using Airbus A340-600s on the Johannesburg to Cape Town route.

People who are members of the SAA frequent flyer programmes, Voyager, will continue to enjoy the SAA baggage allowance, travel lounge and smooth transfer to the regional and international network service of SAA. Voyager members can also use their miles on Mango operated flights by using their mile or both their miles and a variety of payment options.