CAPE TOWN - A new version of Skype has been revealed, allowing freelancers and small business owners to handle the way they communicate with clients easier. 

You can now create a Skype Professional Account, which is an application designed to help freelancers to do business more easily. Working independently of the normal Skype, the Skype Professional Account combines Skype calls, calendar meetings and payments. 

Freelancers who use Skype to provide tutorials, training, or consulting will find this most useful. 

Microsoft believes that this new service will be able to offer multiple solutions to freelancers within the same app. So you no longer have to stress about having to use different applications and platforms to organise your work.  It’s not clear if Microsoft intends to run this as a free service once the preview is finished.

However, testers can sign-up and try it out on the Microsoft’s Skype homepage.