File Image: many smart devices such as this Olly is a smart home hub, will turn your home into a smart home. Picture: Olly Robot, Facebook

CAPE TOWN - Technology is taking over our households and soon every item we have will connect to the internet.

To prepare yourself, you can start buying small items that are available via Amazon, Apple or Google and many more major technology brands. 

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Here are a few items that you can get started with:

1. Google Home Mini 

The Home Mini is a small sized  smart speaker that gives you voice access to Google Assistant, through which you can do any number of things, such as playing music to looking up restaurants, movie times, and more. 

2. The iHome ISP100

The iHome ISP100 lets you control your outdoor lights. Just plug this device into your outdoor socket, then plug your lights into the ISP100, and you're pretty much all set. 

Not only is this plug water- and snow-resistant, but it works with Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri (Apple HomeKit), Wink, and Nest.

3. Samsung PowerBot R7070

A robot vacuum, the PowerBot R7070, sucks up just about everything under its brush and deposits it in a capacious and easy-to-clean bin. 

This connected vacuum not only works with Samsung's SmartThings platform but Alexa and Google Assistant, too, so you can get it going just by talking to it.

4. Apple TV

The Apple TV integrates with an iPhone, iPad and Mac. Not only does the Apple TV 4K support 4K streams, but also HDR content, so your movies will look vivid as well as sharp. 

Siri support means you can search by voice for your favorite programs and shows. You can even connect your Apple Watch to the TV and play exercise routines that link with the watch's heart rate monitor.

5. Smart Shower

For that person who loves to sing in the shower, The H2oVibe is a showerhead that has a built-in speaker that connects via Bluetooth to your smartphone. 

There is also a smart shower head that flashes red when someone uses too much water. It is called the Hydrao smart shower, its main aim is to make people think seriously about water conservation.