INVESTGOLD has been a leader in precious metal portfolios for close to  20 years. INVESTGOLD is also one of the largest suppliers of the world’s most  popular bullion coin, namely the ‘gold Krugerrand’.
In 2018 the first silver bullion Krugerrand coin was released, making owning  Krugerrands even more affordable to all South Africans.
So why should you own Krugerrands?
With the uncertain economical status and devaluing currency, Krugerrands  offer South Africans a hedge against these factors. 
The price of gold and silver is measured in dollars globally and by owning  Krugerrands you indirectly own dollars in the form of commodities.
Krugerrands  are easy to trade, prices are fixed daily, and INVESTGOLD buys  and sells  Krugerrands  daily which makes it easy for the public to trade.
Krugerrands  average growth rate has been well above that of inflation for the  past 20+ years, which makes it one of the most lucrative commodities. 
In a nutshell, owning gold and silver bullion coins is your safe haven in these  uncertain times. 

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