The appeals court rebuffed a Google appeal on a secondary issue in the case, finding that YouTube had failed to act promptly enough to takedown infringing videos in seven of 12 cases brought before the court.


London - Music videos will be given age classifications similar to films, to help protect children from inappropriate content online.

When a record label makes a new video it will voluntarily submit it to the British Board of Film Classification if it is likely to be rated as a ‘12’ or above.

Levels of violence, sex, nudity, bad language, discrimination, dangerous behaviour and drug use will be taken into account, before the video is given a 12, 15 or 18 certificate. The ratings will be displayed at the start of each video when it is shown on YouTube or Vevo.

Is is likely that the information will also be used by internet service providers to block such content, if households have chosen to use family-friendly content filters. - Daily Mail