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CAPE TOWN -  Cellular devices have become intrinsic to people and their everyday lives. Misplacing you device can be distressing and bring about sheer panic, luckily for you these apps can help you find your lost devices. 

For Apple: Find My iPhone/iPad/Mac

Apple has a built-in phone and tablet tracker into iOS and a laptop finder into macOS. When the feature is enabled on all your Apple hardware, the location of any device will be seen on a map.

To set up this feature on an iPhone or iPad, select Setting and tap your Apple ID at the top. Then, select your device and then select Find My iPhone (or Find My iPad) to switch on the feature. Open System Preferences on a computer and click iCloud. Then, tick the Find My Mac.

For Android: Find My Device

Google has a device-locating tool called Find My Device on Android. To enable this feature, open Settings and tap Security and location. Turn the feature on to start tracking your phone or tablet. Then, install the Find My Device app on a backup phone or tablet.

To find the location of your gadget, there are two options. The first option is to open the app on your backup device by visiting the Find My Device web portal or sign into your Google account. Then type “where’s my device?” into the search engine.

The app also allows you to make the lost device play a sound even when it has been set to silent mode, lock the device or completely erase your information.

For Samsung: Find My Mobile

Samsung devices feature a built-in-Find My Mobile tool. To access this feature, a password-protected Samsung account first has to be set up.

Next, enable the tracker by opening Settings, tapping Lock screen and security and choose Find My Mobile. On this menu, make sure to toggle the Remote controls switch to “On” in order to operate your phone from another device.

If your phone goes missing, go to the Find My Mobile website and sign in using your Samsung credentials. On the site, you can view your last known location of your phone or tablet, on a map. The website also enables you to perform useful tasks such as unlocking a device whose PIN you’ve forgotten.

For any operating system: Prey

Prey works with multiple operating systems. It also offers useful features like the ability to take a picture with the device’s camera or view the screen activity.

By downloading the Prey app onto your device and creating an account, you will be able to show a device’s location on a map. From the Prey website, you can also lock your device, wipe its data, ring an alarm and extract information like photos and screengrabs.

With the phone version of Prey, an added feature is a control zone. This sends you an alert whenever your phone or tablet enters or leaves a particular area, such as your home or your office. The free version of Prey can track up to three devices and enable one control zone.

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