Gartner suggests that by 2030, the need for human interaction for Project management jobs will decline because of Artificial Intelligence. File Photo: IOL

CAPE TOWN – Data and analytics firm Gartner released data which suggested that by 2030, 80 percent of the work of today’s project management (PM) discipline will be eliminated as artificial intelligence (AI) takes on traditional PM functions such as data collection, tracking and reporting.

Daniel Stang, research vice president at Gartner said in a statement: " AI is going to revolutionize how program and portfolio management (PPM) leaders leverage technology to support their business goals." 

“Right now, the tools available to them do not meet the requirements of digital business.”

Gartner predicts AI-enabled Project portfolio management (PPM) will begin to surface in the market sometime this year and that the market will focus first on providing incremental user experience benefits to individual PM professionals, and later will help them to become better planners and managers.

The firm further points out that by 2023, technology providers focused on AI, virtual reality (VR) and digital platforms will disrupt the PPM market and cause a clear response by traditional providers.

According to the firm, AI will improve the outcomes of these tasks, including the ability to analyze data faster than humans and using those results to improve overall performance. 

“Using conversational AI and chatbots, PPM and PMO leaders can begin to use their voices to query a PPM software system and issue commands, rather than using their keyboard and mouse,” said Stang. 

“As AI begins to take root in the PPM software market, those PMOs that choose to embrace the technology will see a reduction in the occurrence of unforeseen project issues and risks associated with human error.”