Photo: Reuters

CAPE TOWN – ltCoinTrader, one of South Africa's oldest cryptocurrency exchanges has been providing crypto services in and around the southern part of Africa since 2015 and is one of the only exchanges that provides its community with forked coins. 

The main vision of the exchange according to Senior Partner, Richard De Sousa is to provide easier accessible crypto services to communities that struggle with traditional banking systems.

The demand for altcoins in the country is rapidly growing, and often local exchanges with fiat on-ramps are used as a gateway to international exchanges to facilitate top performing crypto acquisitions. AltCoinTrader has identified a niche space and has listed the top 20 CoinMarketCap coins on its platform to provide traders with easy access to these markets.

The BTT airdrop is set to continue every month for six years and is an incredible way for TRON to partner with AltCoinTrader in achieving the exchange's vision. 

 Airdrops like BTT provide the exchange’s clients with all of their benefits of holding or trading TRX on the platform. BTT is set to also be traded on AltCoinTrader in the near future.

De Sousa said: "Having a fully automated integration with local banks has enhanced the company's ability to handle the volume of customers with ease. The exchange platform provides the most sophisticated fiat system in the country and also caters for Credit or Debit Card deposits thereby making crypto acquisitions readily available in South Africa and internationally."

TRON has many followers in South Africa who are constantly looking to technologies like TRX to solve real problems and stimulate crypto growth in the country. The market is set to expand substantially and initiatives like the BTT token airdrop will assist in revitalizing crypto communities globally.