Cape Town 090422 The non voters taking advantage of the public holiday shopping aroung the cavendish mall Picture Ayanda Ndamane

London - Shops are to pay customers to walk through their doors in a move that could boost the high street.

The “check in” system tracks the movements of shoppers who sign up to a smartphone app that triggers rewards from stores.

It already has the support of retailers such as Debenhams and Argos. A shopper could get 50p for simply walking through the door, while the technology will also beam savings vouchers direct to mobiles.

Currently, the cash rewards run to a maximum of £9.12 (about R100) a month by visiting all the stores involved, but this figure will increase as more chains sign up. The regime will give people a reason to visit town centres and malls, which are in decline as Britons switch to shopping online.

The app has been launched by online shopping site Quidco. Users who sign up must provide their bank details so cash rewards can be transferred to them. The technology plots the shopper’s movements via their phone and ties its location to offers from retailers in the area. - Daily Mail