Photo: AP Photo/Richard Drew

CAPE TOWN – Apple’s iCloud service have been experiencing outage since last night. users have experienced their concerns on social media reporting problems accessing iCloud-based apps and services like Notes and Find My iPhone.

Other cloud services such as Backup, iCloud Drive,  productivity apps that sync using Apple’s cloud platform were affected too.

In an update of its System Status page around 10 pm, Apple notes that iCloud was suffering a widespread service disruption. 

The good news is that not everyone appeared to be affected by the problem. 

Apple said in a statement that services were fully restored and that users should not have any further problems with the service. Additionally, the service update shows that all services should be working.

Here are what users had to say on Twitter:

@AppleSupport When do you think the iCloud Back Up issues will be resolved? I did a iPhone X reset earlier in the morning and unable to restore my backup from iCloud till now and I lost almost 7 Hrs. All my apps and contacts are gone.#Apple #iclouddown #icloudbackupfailed

is this because iCloud services are down??? Or what because it’s not letting me back up my new iPhone and I already put trust computer @AppleSupport @Apple

Hi @Apple @AppleSupport my iCloud isn’t working properly

#Apple #iCloud seems to be back up and running after nearly 7 hours #NoInfo #Really?

Apple's iCloud: unreliable, undependable

Why is icloud not working? I need to set up my new phone Grrr. #apple #someonefixit

All systems up again 🤔✅
Would be good to know if it’s solved people’s problems #Apple #iCloud #Outage #iPhone

Still no luck here! This is more concerning. All my data was there 5 hours ago. 😭 #Apple #iCloud @AppleSupport @SkyNews @BBCNews

What is going on with Apple iCloud, can't login! #icloud #iclouddown