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CAPE TOWN - Following the deadlock of wage negotiations in the bus industry last month, bus drivers have on Wednesday embarked on a national bus strike, leaving thousands of commuters stranded. 

Employees requested a 12% wage increase while their employers were offering them a 7% increase. 

Just yesterday, the National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa (Numsa) said they would also embark on an indefinite nationwide bus strike today. 

While the bus strike affects thousands of commuters, this will also lead to the influx in other modes of public transport.

If you are a commuter yourself, take a look at some of these apps which may help you beat the traffic congestion:


       Picture: Waze. (Screengrab). 

Waze is a free traffic app available on Google Play Store. 

This apps tells you about traffic congestion and accidents in real-time. 

It also provides route changes which will save you time in sitting in traffic. 


             Picture: Sygic. (Screengrab). 

This free GPS navigation app, also available on Google Play Store and the Apple Store serves several functions. 

It offers real-time traffic information, voice-guided information as well as speed limit warnings. 

This app can also be used in the "offline mode" which can help save your data. 

Google Maps

               Picture: Google Maps. (Screengrab). 

This app is automatically installed on certain Android devices. 

Google Maps offers real-time updates, information on road closures and traffic incidents. 

You can discover various places such as shopping centres and even restaurants. 

This app will show you how you can arrive at your destination in the quickest time. 

Traffic Reports 

          Picture: Traffic Reports. (Screengrab). 

This app compiles data on traffic and weather. 

According to the app, weather also influences traffic conditions. 

The app provides information on traffic flows and conditions, road conditions, weather conditions and driving forecast. 

Traffic SA

              Picture: Traffic SA. (Screengrab). 

This app provides traffic information for South African roads. 

Using your GPS location, the app shows you the traffic according to your region. 

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