The planet Mars showing showing Terra Meridiani is seen in an undated NASA image

INTERNATIONAL – A company that promised to send people to live on planet Mars called Mars One Ventures is bankrupt, according to liquidation listing first seen by a Reddit user on r/space.

According to a report by Tech Crunch, the current leadership of the company is under a Swiss financial services company called InFin Innovative Finance AG which got Mars One Ventures in a takeover bid.

Founder Bas Lansdorp, confirmed the news to Engadget and told the publication he was “working to find a solution.” 

He stated that the nonprofit foundation of Mars One, the Netherlands-based Mars One Foundation, was still alive but has no investment to add any value to the company.

On January 15th, The Swiss-based Ventures AG was declared bankrupt by a Basel court and was, at the time, valued at almost $100 million. 

Mars One Ventures PLC, the UK-registered branch, is listed as a dormant company with less than £20,000 in its accounts.

The last update that Mars One made was on December 2016 and has since provided no further updates on their development.

Many experts and people of the public deemed the Mars one mission as a scam due to the fact they not only kept changing the date of their mission from 202 up until the 2027 but they had staged all the videos made for the project.