In its quest to create a Smart City, the City of Cape Town has called upon its residents to submit ideas to make Cape Town a Smart City. Picture: David Ritchie/ANA

CAPE TOWN - In its quest to create a Smart City the City of Cape Town has called upon its residents to submit ideas to make Cape Town a Smart City.

The City wants to  hear from Cape Town residents on how it can make use of data to enhance its perfomance and enable residents and businesses to engage more actively with the City.

The City of Cape Town wants to know about any offerings,technologies and products that could leverage its existing infrastructure.

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The City wants solutions that will allow it to make a difference in the following areas: 

- Public safety

- Infrastructure planning and maintenance

- Energy efficiency

- Transportation and integrated urban development

- Water and waste management

Using  cloud computing technology as a disruptive model enabling clustered community commerce and to address social challenges within these communities.

The City has also listed a list of example projects that my be considered such as these ones: 

- Infrastructure monitoring: Detection and monitoring of the City’s critical infrastructure such as roads, bridges, airports, water and power systems.

- Meter reading: Remote/automated meter-reading that allows information to be collected and forwarded to the electricity and water departments for billing purposes.

- Public engagement : Systems for facilitating dynamic public input in order to develop consensus and creative opportunities for enhancing service delivery.

- Public safety surveillance: Additional video surveillance points and cameras, used exclusively for public safety purposes, which police could monitor, especially in high crime areas.

- Sensor technology: Combined monitoring with sensor technology that collects data in real time. For example, the City would know when a traffic signal is out of service.

- Social transformation through information and communications technology / digital skills: Enhancing the lives of our citizens and communities by creating sustainable solutions that drive digital access and improve ICT skills (i.e. Hackathons).

- Street lighting controls: Dynamic lighting systems that can be controlled remotely, react to citizens, provide valuable data, and/or reduce energy costs.

- Transportation analytics: Technologies that can detect changes in traffic flows, pedestrian and cyclist activity, and parking availability.

City of Cape Town residents are encouraged to submit their ideas between the 19th January 2018 and 16th February 2018. 

The City of Cape Town will also be presenting its future plans about Open Data at the upcoming Open Data Summit  that will take on the 5th February 2018 in Cape Town.

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