In 2018, we’ve seen the number of companies and business travellers using Airbnb for work grow exponentially. Photo: File

DURBAN - In 2018, we’ve seen the number of companies and business travellers using Airbnb for work grow exponentially. 

In addition to more and more road warriors turning to Airbnb, we’re seeing the ways they travel, where they go, where they prefer to stay, and what they do when visiting a new city, change in interesting ways.

Here’s a look at business travel trends to be on the lookout for in 2019.

Move over traditional business travel corridors, Latin America, Asia and Africa surge in growth.

While main Airbnb business travel hubs like London, Paris, New York, and Sydney remain prominent destinations, we’re seeing the highest growth of trips to locations in regions like Latin America and Africa this year over last.

Some of the fastest-growing locations for business travellers include cities in Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, South Korea, and South Africa, including:

1. Mar Del Plata, Argentina (624% YoY increase in bookings)
2. Guarujá, Brazil (594% YoY increase in bookings)
3. Aguascalientes, Mexico (594% YoY increase in bookings)
4. Gwangju, Korea (520% YoY increase in bookings)
5. Pietermaritzburg, South Africa  (465% YoY increase in bookings)

Group business trips continue to rise, and groups are traveling to historic and scenic hotspots.

The most popular group business travel destinations around the world trend toward cities in Malaysia, Brazil, Philippines, Mexico, and the US, including:

1. Ipoh, Malaysia
2. Guarujá, Brazil
3. Tagaytay, Philippines
4. Acapulco, Mexico
5. Mammoth Lakes, CA

Some travelers are planners, while others book at the last minute.

For all travellers on Airbnb, the average trip is booked more than 35 days in advance. But, business travellers book with less lead time business trips are being booked on average slightly more than 20 days in advance. 

Business travellers from cities in Taiwan, the US, and Germany book the furthest in advance. Business travellers from cities in France, Norway, and Mexico book with the least amount of lead time.

Globally, those identifying as male book overall trips on average 32 days in advance, and for business trips they average 19 days in advance.

Globally, those identifying as female book overall trips on average 40 days in advance, and for business trips they average 27 days in advance.

Business travellers are soaking up local culture by staying active and eating their way through cities while on business trips.

Airbnb Experiences make travel magical again by immersing travellers in local communities around the world by offering unique, one-of-a-kind Experiences that are handcrafted and led by local experts. Walking, biking, boating activities — and food Experiences to fuel back up — are specifically surging for business travellers.

Business travellers originating from the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, and Germany book the most Experiences when travelling for work.

When on the road, some of the most-booked Experiences, globally, by business travellers include:

1. Paris’ Best Kept Secrets Tour

2. Lakehouse Jazz & Funk (San Francisco)

3. Lisbon’s best flavours

4. Show Me The City! Walking Tour (Toronto)

5. Hike Runyon Canyon with a rescue dog (Los Angeles)