He posted the video to YouTube on February 4 and by Sunday it had been viewed nearly 2 500 times.

Pretoria - A second South African is using online drinking game Neknomination to do some good for people in need.

This time the positive changes are taking place in London, where former Gauteng-resident Allan Price now lives.

His friend, Brent Lindeque, hit the headlines across the world last week when he used his Neknomination to give a sandwich, chocolate and can of cooldrink to a stranger at a Joburg traffic light.

Inspired by Lindeque’s use of his Neknomination, Price used his video to encourage residents of London to “do something nice for those in need”.

He posted the video to YouTube on February 4 and by Sunday it had been viewed nearly 2 500 times.

“Okay, it was only a matter of time until the Neknomination made it my way and, as I haven’t had a drink in three months, I thought I’d borrow a page from my friend Brent Lindeque from his book and try to change the game,” he said in the video.

“So what I’ve done is take a hundred £1 notes (about R1 820) and I’ve put them into denominations of 10 and into these clear packets with some strict instructions to whichever beautiful random people find these and these instructions in here, to use the money to basically look out for other people.”

Price was then shown distributing the packets in spots around London, including on a shop shelf, in a pay phone, at an ATM and in a bowl of fruit for sale inside a shop.

He described the video on YouTube: “Continuing from the South African Neknomination… I prefer these positive versions going around, so I challenge anyone that sees this to keep it going, no matter how small. Let’s keep Looking Out For Others.”

Price, who attended Bracken High School in Gauteng, studied for a music degree at the University of the Witwatersrand and soon afterwards moved to the UK.

Lindeque said last week that he was working to set up an online charity.

“The positive attention I’ve received has been phenomenal.

“I plan to harness the energy and create a real platform whereby people can do good to change the world they live in.

“Neknomination originated as a game, but I plan to create a movement,” Lindeque said. - Pretoria News