DURBAN:021210 Growing road hazard… people texting and driving. Picture: GCINA NDWALANE PICTURE:GCINA NDWALANE

London - Writing every letter in capitals and putting too many “xxx” kisses are among the biggest faux pas made by mobile phone users.

A guide to phone etiquette also says that tweeting in church, texting during a face-to-face conversation and chatting on your phone while at the checkout are frowned upon.

Sending attention-seeking “selfies” and using too many smiley faces or abbreviations such as LOL are among other phone habits that people found irritating.

Talk Talk Mobile, which compiled the etiquette guide after a study of the way we use mobile phones, said leaving the caps lock on when texting is a no-no because no one wants to feel like they are being shouted at.

It also warned against texting while drunk, comedy ring tones or using your phone while on the loo. - Daily Mail