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INTERNATIONAL - Instagram has announced that it will be adding a new selection of polling sticker for Stories.

The new stickers will consist of an emoji slider that allows users to ask and answer questions with an animated emoji on a sliding scale. The sliding scale allows users to ask people “how” instead of simply picking between two options, using an emoji of choices to add context to the question. 

For example, you could have a slider to ask friends if they relate to a situation such as your cat stealing your food. 

The emoji will animate as users drag it up or down the scale to answer the question, and you can check in on how individual friends answered as well as see the overall average of all responses.

How it works:

1. Go to your story section. 

2. Choose one from the sticker options (where you find other options like poll and location) after you take a photo or video. 

3. Then place it, write out a question, and choose the emoji you’d like to use.

According to Instagram, you can use “almost any emoji from your library.”

Instagram’s emoji slider should be available as part of the latest Instagram update for Android and iOS.

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