Johannesburg - Facebook is set to launch an independent app for video creators later this year, the company’s product director, Daniel Danker, announced at VidCon.

The app is set to encourage content creators to share their art through the News feed using  tools that Facebook is referring to as its Live Creative Kit, which is aim to help creators make their streams look more professional.

The app will include a merge of fan interaction across other applications like Instagram and Messenger,as well as an analytics tab to help creators track engagement and improve content strategy.

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However, even though Facebook itself has a large audience the concern lies with whether or not content creators will get paid enough for their efforts. This is why Facebook and content rights management startup Source3 collaborate to ensure the safety of people’s work.

The startup explains that, “At Source3, we set out to recognize, organize and analyze branded intellectual property in user-generated content.”

“Their technology allows recognition of brand IP in user-created content and commerce marketplaces, allowing brands to measure their presence or take action against infringers of their copyrights and trademarks.”