File Image: Facebook logo is seen on a shop window in Malaga

INTERNATIONAL - Facebook announced several new live video features.

These features will be in-line with the company starting its own game show platform. Creators will be able to add features such as quizzes, polls, challenges and gamification to turn their live streams into a game show. 

The features are similar to those that creators on YouTube have had access to for months through the recent addition of the Community tab. 

YouTube integrated polling and collaboration with audiences when the company announced its Community tab last November. With this feature, creators are able to ask their audiences what they should broadcast next. 

Ways to profit from video content will arrive on Facebook soon such as: 

1. The company will allow more creators to add commercial breaks and monthly subscriptions. 

2. A feature called Brand Collabs Manager will be added to help find paid partnerships. 

The company announced several creators who are launching live game shows on Facebook, including BuzzFeed’s “Outside Your Bubble,” “Confetti” from Insider, and Fresno’s “What’s in The Box.” 

These will all be live interactive game shows that can be seen on Facebook Watch.