Facebook screen grab: The new app is similar to Instagram, the photo-sharing app Facebook is in the process of buying for $1 billion.

Photo apps like Instagram are now the worst annoyance on Facebook – beating other people’s baby photos into second place.

One fifth of Facebook users have deleted friends on the social network because of annoying photos.

A poll of 1 671 Facebook users found that the apps, which add effects such as retro-styled film to digital photos, were the worst picture annoyance on Facebook.

Users said the main reason they hated apps such as Instagram was the “unnecessary photographic effects”.

A quarter of site users said they found the apps “gimmicky” – and three quarters had taken action to prevent annoying photographs appearing in their news feeds.

Of those who had acted, a fifth (21 percent) had actually deleted friends – and 61 percent had hidden someone’s posts.

Instagram is just one of many photo-editing and photo-filter suites available for smartphones. Users give it a top rating for the ease of applying filters and the simple way of sharing images via sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Instagram also allows users to share images through its own sharing website, which has proved very popular with fans.

Celebrities, from Jamie Oliver to Jessica Alba, use the app, with Patrick Schwarzenegger using Instagram in the past week to share his injuries following a skiing accident.

Rebecca Huggler, co-Founder of MyMemory.com, which conducted the survey said: “It was really interesting to see that a photo sharing app was the top annoyance when it came to Facebook photos.

“It seems that people either simply think that the photo effects the filters give are unnecessary; or the apps are just seen as gimmicky.”


In the poll mentioned above, photos taken with Instagram came out as the top irritation on the site, by the percentage of those polled who said they were irked by different “photo irritations” on Facebook.

1 Images taken with photo apps such as Instagram: 61 percent

2 Baby photos: 58 percent

3 Obviously posed photos: 53 percent

4 Holiday photos: 46 percent

5 Food photos: 32 percent – Daily Mail