HOPING: DA councillor Tim Truluck for Parkhurst. Picture: Chris Collingridge

Johannesburg - Parkhurst is set to become one of the first residential suburbs in Joburg to opt for a fibre-to-the-home system – and residents, it appears, are willing to pay handsomely for it.

At the Parkhurst Residents and Business Association meeting earlier this month, 67 percent of residents indicated they would be willing to pay R750 for fibre connectivity and 77 percent were willing to pay R1 000 or more in installation and capital costs.

There are about 2 100 households in the area.

The system will be used, not only to boost internet connection, but to up security in the area using a CCTV system.

The association has put out a request for proposals for the FTTH which is expected to cost between R10-million and R20m.

Councillor Tim Truluck said one of his residents, Ryan Hawthorne, was spearheading the project and there have already been several proposals from key telecoms players who have indicated that Parkhurst is seen as a viable option for this project.

“Internet connection in Parkhurst is a major problem because we are in a valley. I have not been able to use ADSL since 2007, so this is a great breakthrough,” he said.

Parkhurst, being a fairly dense suburb, with small houses, makes it an ideal place to start.

“We have leverage with our numbers and once established here, we can roll it out to other suburbs.

“We have a good mix of a fairly wealthy community and a strong business strip along 4th Avenue and 6th Street,” he said.

Truluck said he was informed by Hawthorne, an IT expert, that several major operators had already shown enthusiasm to participate.

The fibre network would also improve security in the area as it can accommodate a high-definition video camera security monitoring solution.

The association has put out a call for proposals which expires on May 30. - The Star

Residents are being asked to participate in a survey about the proposed project at http://goo.gl/Gt0ZXF