File photo: British inventor James Dyson, creator of the Dyson vacuum cleaner.

London - Plenty of devotees might argue that his earlier invention has already made their lives easier. But now Sir James Dyson is hoping to go one step further.

The creator of the Dyson bagless vacuum cleaner is working on a robot that could take household chores out of your hands – doing everything from cleaning and washing to spotting intruders.

At the moment, robots still can’t interpret their environment and act upon it as humans can. But the British inventor is set to announce a £5-million investment in a robotics laboratory at Imperial College London which will develop robotic vision technology, or “simultaneous localisation and mapping systems”.

This will help robots to create a 3D map of their environment, enabling them to understand and interact with it. Sir James said: “They will be a new generation of robots that understand the world around them.” - Daily Mail