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CAPE TOWN - Staying up to date with the latest WhatsApp features is important to many individuals. With beta tester, you can experience the latest WhatsApp features before others. 

WhatsApp beta allows WhatsApp to test several new features with the public. This enables users to test features before it is rolled out. However, be warned that because the features are not officially rolled out, your WhatsApp may be susceptible to crash. 

How it works is:

- Open the WhatsApp beta test page on a browser

- Log into your Google account linked to your android device

- Then click on "become a tester"

- You will then get an updated WhatsApp app

What to do if WhatsApp beta crashes

WhatsApp beta has reportedly been crashing on smartphones which run on Android 7.0 Nougat operating system. However, this can be fixed instantly. 

- Simply download the latest version of WhatsApp and install the messaging app manually. 

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Meanwhile, in January, WhatsApp launched an app for business. The free app aimed at helping small businesses connect with their customers. 

The app has the following features:

1. Business owners will be able to create a profile which contains useful information about their business; a contact email, the physical address and the company website.

2. The app allows for the creation of quick replies for frequently asked questions and a greeting messages.

3. It also allows the business to view metrics, such as the number of messages that have been read.

4. The app will list you as a Business Account,  so that people will know that they’re talking to a business. 

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