An integration between Google Clock and Spotify will allow users to listen to a Spotify playlist instead of an alarm. Photo: File
DURBAN - Google Clock users will now be able to wake up in the morning listening to their favourite Spotify playlist. 

With this new update users of the Clock app can connect to their Spotify accounts and listen to songs instead of the normal alarm. 

This new update that will allow both Spotify Free and Premium users merge the music streaming app into the alarm sounds section of the Clock app. From there the user will be able to choose whether they want to use the regular alarm sounds or go for a Spotify playlist. 

On the Spotify option, users can select music from a variety of pre-made morning themed Spotify playlists or pick music that they have listened to on Spotify. 

Once the alarm goes off, the users has the option to continue listening to music on Spotify. 

In order to get this feature, users will have to have the latest versions of Google Clock and Spotify installed on their device. This feature is available on devices running Android 5.0 Lollipop and above. 

YouTube Music may also be integrated with the Google Clock app in the future too. 

Spotify and Archie Comics

Spotify has collaborated with Nerdist to offer motion comics that will be based on the new Archie comics. Through this collaboration six episodes/issues of music, voice acting and original comic illustrations will be available on the Spotify mobile app. 

The episodes are 10 minutes in duration and will allow the user to read, hear and experience the much beloved Archie comic all at the same time.

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