It will allow for short-form video (30 seconds or less) that people can upload and watch. Photo: Giphy.

CAPE TOWN – Giphy, the internet’s go-to platform for GIF images have launched a new platform today dedicated to short-form video.

It will allow for short-form video which will be no longer than 30 seconds that people can upload and watch. 

According to the press release the company said: “Giphy is now looking to the future — the future of entertainment itself —and believes an important part of this will be micro-entertainment."

The page currently features 118 videos on the site, which were submitted as part of Giphy’s first short-form video festival which was held in New York City last night.

The new video page will be available for both desktop and mobile users, videos will be available in both HD and SD formats, and there is an option to keep a video looping.

Users will be able to add videos to their favourites in a library and share them outside of the platform.

There is no set launch date for Giphy’s video platform.

Here is an example below: