Even under Google, Motorola failed to gain traction in a rapidly evolving smartphone market now dominated by South Korea's Samsung and US-based Apple.

San Francisco - Google is planning to complete its $12.5 billion acquisition of cell phone maker Motorola Mobility Holdings.

Motorola outlined the timetable in documents it filed on Monday following Saturday's approval of the deal by regulators in China. That approval removed the final hurdle preventing Google from closing the biggest deal in its 14-year history.

The two companies announced the deal nine months ago.

Google prizes Motorola Mobility Holdings for its portfolio of more than 17,000 patents.

Owning the rights to those patents will provide Google and the mobile device makers who rely on its Android software with valuable weapons in an intellectual arms race with Apple, Microsoft and other technology giants.

But investors are worried Motorola's business making phones will trim Google's profit margins. - Sapa-AP