File image: Google. (IOL).

CAPE TOWN - Google has announced that its free web-based word processor Google Docs will be getting a grammar-checking feature.

The feature will allow Google docs to be able to identify mixed up words (like “affect” and “effect”), incorrect tenses, improper uses of commas and clauses, and more. 

To do all of that, Google says it will be relying on machine translation which is the same technology it uses to translate between multiple languages. 

However, adding an AI component to a grammar checker isn’t a new idea.

 One major competitor, the keyboard and browser extension Grammarly, also says it uses “a sophisticated artificial intelligence system” to analyse sentence structure. 

However, Google added that the grammar check feature won’t be widely available right away. 

It’s launching first for business users, and it’ll have to be enabled by a company’s administrator in order for users to test it out. 

Google didn’t say when the feature would be released to consumer accounts or which languages the feature would support at launch.

In addition to the grammar check feature, Google also said today that it’s going to start enabling its Smart Compose feature inside of Gmail for business customers.

 This feature autocompletes entire sentences for you based on the context of your email and was launched to the public as an “experimental feature” in May. 

Google now says it will be added a proper working feature G Suite users in the “coming weeks.”


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