What the Google Drive redesign looks like. Photo: Facebook
DURBAN - Google Drive is the next app in the Google hub to receive an update.

Just recently the design of Gmail was improved and it got new functions too.

There are no changes in the way that a person would use Google Drive, instead, the revamp will involve changes in colour as well as changes in where the icons and buttons are placed.

According to Google the visual changes to Drive were to coordinate it with their new Material Design principles. The Material Design principles refer to the company efforts to create a cohesive, branded experience.

Google said in a blog post that the new interface has been built to create an active and efficient experience for people who use Google Drive and to have it feel cohesive with other products in the Google suite.

The changes in the Google Drive include slight adjustments to the layout of icons. The settings wheel and the help centre button are now in line with the search bar. The "new" button has been refreshed and now custom company logos have been moved to the top right.

The background for Google Drive has been changed from grey to white and the fonts of the headers have been changed too.

The global company said that the redesign will be available to all Google suite editions and will be rolled out to all users soon.

Google I/O conference 2018

Google held their annual developer's conference this past week where the company spoke about all their new product developments.

Some of the new developments include Google Assistant having six voices to choose from including John Legend and a beta version of Android P.

Smart Compose with Gmail was also announced at the conference. It is a new feature that is powered by AI that helps you save time by cutting down on repetitive writing and decreasing the chances of spelling and grammar errors in your emails.