Google has improved their privacy controls File image: Google. (Independent UK).
DURBAN - Google has taken steps to improve their Privacy Checkup and other controls in order to protect users data and privacy.

According to Google, they have improved the manner in which they describe practices and they explain the choices that users have to update, manage, export and delete their data.

The new changes come as the new data protection regulations kick in the European Union. However, the changes are for Google users across the world.

Simpler structure and clearer language

Google has enhanced the navigation and organisation of the policy to make it easier to find what you are looking for. They have explained their practices in more detail with clearer language.

New descriptive videos and illustrations

Short videos and illustrations have been added throughout the policy because sometimes a visual description is easier to understand compared to text.

Embedded privacy controls

Google has made it simpler to jump to key settings from the policy, assisting the user in making choices about your privacy. The revised policy will take effect on May 25, 2018.

Improving privacy controls

Over the past year, Google has also improved My Activity, the feature that allows users to see their Google searches. The improvements to My Activity have been done so that users can have better access and they can manage Google account data.

Dashboard has also been redesigned, to allow users to easily have an overview of the products that they are using and the data associated with them.

Privacy Checkup has also been updated with new illustrations and examples to assist the user in making informed decisions about their key privacy controls.

With Privacy Checkup the user can sign up for regular notifications to check their privacy settings.

Google Drive

Just recently Google Drive had undergone a revamp that included changing the colour as well as changing the placements of icons and buttons. The new interface has been enhanced to create an active experience for Google Drive users.