File Image: Google Maps. (AP Photo/Patrick Sison).

INTERNATIONAL- A new update has been added to Google's Maps which allows the app to share your battery life with friends and family.

 First discovered by Android Police, your battery level will be included in the set of information when you share your location with your friend or family member. 

When you share your location with someone in the Google Maps app, it will show up on your friend’s map, and they can then use that information to get directions to exactly where you’re located.

 With this new update, it will be easy to tell why someone hasn’t called to tell you they’re lost or finally made it to their destination because you’ll be able to keep a watchful eye on how much battery life they have left.

In February, Android Police did an update about Google Maps v9.71 beta and this new was seen. However, new features shown in beta don't always become actual updates. 

The new feature can be seen on your Google Maps app on both iOS and Android versions of the app today.