Google may launch its own smart display. File image: Google. (IOL).

INTERNATIONAL - Google reportedly has plans to launch its own smart speaker with a display later this year, according to a report by Nikkei. 

According to the report, insiders speaking to Nikkei say the company is preparing to launch it during the holidays.

“Google targets to ship some 3 million units for the first batch of the new model of smart speaker that comes with a screen,” one industry source told the Japanese publication. 

Smart speakers with displays (or “smart displays”) offer a number of obvious benefits. They often used in the kitchen, where hands-free screens are particularly useful. 

Google’s current smart speaker line-up includes the Google Home, budget Home Mini, and speaker-heavy Home Max.

The report continues to state that Google's upcoming model with the display is still likely to rely on voice commands, but users should be able to play YouTube videos, check their calendars and view maps.