Photo: Reuters.

CAPE TOWN – Google has announced that it will be ending support the app Reply, an app that offers smart reply responses to various messaging apps such as Hangouts and Messenger. 

The app launched earlier this year as part of Google’s Area 120 division that incubates and tests apps, which means that this app was entirely experimental. 

In an email to beta testers, Google said: “You’re receiving this email because you installed the Reply app from Area 120 at Google. Thanks for doing that! As you know, Reply was an experiment, and that experiment has now ended.” 

“While it might still work for the next few months, you may encounter bugs, or see that the suggestions aren’t as good.” 

According to Google, it  will use the information and feedback it learned from the app in other Google products, which likely includes Gmail’s Smart Compose and Smart Reply

If you've been using Reply, You are still in luck and as it will continue to work for the next few months, according to Google.

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(Image showing how reply works. Photo: Google. )