Five of Google's emoji proposals to the UniCode Consortium have been included in Unicode's new 62 emojis for 2020. 
File Photo: IOL
Five of Google's emoji proposals to the UniCode Consortium have been included in Unicode's new 62 emojis for 2020. File Photo: IOL

Google's five emoji proposals are included in the new 62 emojis for 2020

By Dhivana Rajgopaul Time of article published Feb 3, 2020

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DURBAN - The UniCode Consortium has announced 62 new emoji for 2020 and have included skin tone and gender variants for the new emojis. 

The new emojis have been selected from thousands of proposals by the UniCode Emoji Subcommittee and the proposals must meet certain criteria. 

After Unicode selects the new emojis then companies like Google design the emoji for their operating systems like Android. 

According to Jennifer Daniel Google's Creative Director: Emoji five of the approved designs were proposed by the Android team. 

Daniel sad that they are also part of Google's ongoing effort to create an emoji keyboard that’s more inclusive. 

Here’s a look at the five emojis that Google proposed:

More representation for a variety of families

Until this year, the only emoji that depicts childcare is the “breastfeeding” emoji. Google proposed the first, "person feeding baby with a bottle"—an emoji that everyone can use. 

Source: Google

Google also proposed support for all gender variants for "person in veil" and "person in tuxedo" because technology should be inclusive of people’s experiences around the world.

Source: Google

More ways to show empathy

With a new appreciation of how people use emoji, Google has also been looking into emoji that can communicate empathy, which is often lost when not speaking face to face. That’s part of the thinking behind "two people hugging" and a "slightly smiling face with tear". 

"Slightly smiling face with tear" is a visual metaphor for feeling simultaneous appreciation and relief—goodness with a dash of sadness. It might come in handy when thinking fondly of the past, experiencing the present and not taking moments for granted, or looking hopefully into the future.  

Source: Google

Visibility for the transgender flag 

In addition to the five emoji above, Google also sponsored the proposal of the Transgender flag emoji, along with Microsoft. (Googler Tea Uglow co-authored the proposal). Googles hopes this addition gives the trans community a way to be out and proud, and others a way to provide visible support. 

Source: Google

These five emoji, along with the other new emoji approved by Unicode, will become available for Android users later this year  


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