Proposals are in the pipeline that will shake up the way justice is served - and it's based on eBay's online model.

London - Many of us will have wished at least once for magical powers. The power to turn a former lover into a frog, perhaps? And up until now you could have bought hexes, curses and spells on the online auction site eBay.

But on August 30, the site will ban the sale of all magical items and services.

Negotiating eBay’s strict selling guidelines is not straightforward.

You can sell skulls and skeletons, but not individual bones. Lockets of human hair are acceptable, but Tibetan prayer skulls are forbidden.

Items from Native American graves are prohibited, but Ancient Egyptian or Grecian antiquities are allowed. You can sell shellfish, but not sharks. Worms or crickets, but no “noxious insects”.

It seems the slogan “Whatever you want, you can get it on eBay” comes with quite a few caveats. - Daily Mail