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INTERNATIONAL - Instagram has confirmed it is testing an option that lets you “regram” public feed posts from other users to your Story according to reports. 

Unfortunatley, as it is still in test mode, not everyone has access to the feature.

For those who do, it will appear as “Add post to your story” when you tap the share icon underneath a post.

 If you don’t want your public posts to be shared in this way, there is the option to change your privacy settings.

 Even if your account doesn’t have the ability to currently reshare, you should still see the option now for “Allow Resharing to Stories” if you go to Settings > Story Settings.

This is only one of many updates Instagram has made to Stories as of late.

Recently,  Instagram also introduced a new type mode that allows for text-only pages, and added support for GIFs, with endless options of moving stickers available, thanks to integration with GIPHY.

Instram app developer,Zachary Shakked took to Twitter, to demonstrate that when the post is added to your Story, you then have options for how you want it to appear. You can resize it, rotate it, move it around. 

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