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INTERNATIONAL - Instagram is considering changing its video length constraints and allowing longer length videos on its platform, according to The Wall Street Journal.

The company published a report about “a new feature” that would let users post long-form clips of up to an hour reported Wall Street Journal.

 The company has “in recent weeks” held discussions with potential partners (content creators and publishers) about the possibility of producing longer-form video, according to the Journal. 

 This "feature" would bring Instagram closer in line with YouTube and its own parent company, Facebook.

The new feature “will focus on vertical video” according to the Journal.

 Instagram Stories are already designed around that tall, vertical video format, and the report doesn’t clarify whether longer videos would be allowed only in that section of the app or also permitted in the main feed.

 At present, Instagram Stories are limited to a length of 15 seconds; videos in the main feed can run a little longer at 60 seconds.

The Stories feature had over 300 million daily active users as of last November. Instagram itself has over 800 million users.

However, there is the possibility that Instagram could decide against radically extending the maximum running time of videos on its platform.